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In 2024 we witness the birth of a new reality in the sports panorama: the advent of Bikevillage and Fulgur Cycles.
This partnership marks a historic moment as it merges the world of electric bicycles with that of rallying for the first time.

Antonello Chiara, organizer of nine editions of the motorally world championship and more than forty amateur editions, undertakes a bold new challenge: to transport the rally format into the world of bicycles.

Fulvio Canadelli, founder of Fulgur, Cycles a renowned Italian bicycle manufacturer, emerges as the ideal partner to refine every detail and perfect the adaptability of the rally to e-bikes. This collaboration is further enriched by the participation ofGiampaolo Cincotto, always passionate about motorcycles and organizer of motorcycle events, who, in recent years, has expanded his interests towards the cycling world.

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Antonello Chiara

Antonello Chiara, with nine editions of the motorally world championship under his belt and a vast number of amateur events, transfers his experience to the world of e-bikes, introducing an innovative rally format.


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Fulvio Canadelli

Fulvio Canadelli, creator of the renowned bicycle manufacturer Fulgur Cycles, presents himself as the ideal partner for an event of this magnitude. His vast industry experience and technical expertise will allow him to perfect every aspect, ensuring an exceptional rally.


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Gianpaolo Cincotto

Giampaolo Cincotto completes the "dream team" trio. With a long career as a rider and event organizer in the motorcycle world, in recent years he has developed a strong passion for cycling. His combination of experience and organizational skills will prove critical to the success of the business.


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