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In 2024, the world of rallying is transformed with the inauguration of the first authentic e-bike rally, the fruit of the creativity of the organizers of the motorally world championship. The epicenter of this revolution will be the picturesque shore of Lake Orta

in Omegna, where the first stage of the exciting e-moove will begin on September 27th, the first edition of which

promises to be unforgettable.

The three stops in Margherita will enchant participants with their evocative navigation and spectacular views. Thanks to the precious collaboration with the Italian company Fulgur, a famous bicycle manufacturer, we have traced exciting routes, suitable for both professionals and amateurs, guaranteeing a unique experience. Whether you are a competitor ready to challenge the race category or an enthusiast eager to experience the event without the pressure of the stopwatch, this event is designed for all two-wheel lovers.


Get ready to experience the adventure!


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